Bulk sms

D-apps is an eminent bulk SMS service provider that help businesses to promote their products and services and reach target audience in minutes. We offer the best price for bulk SMS service without negotiating with service to improve your business. Bulk SMS service lets you convey your important reminders, instant notices and latest offers to your customers.

The main forms of bulk SMS marketing are transactional SMS and promotional SMS services.

In transactional SMS service, users can send SMS to registered customers only. Promotional SMS cannot be sent from this route. According to TRAI only Banking, credit card and insurance companies, schools etc. can send informational SMSes from this route. This type of route has 6 alphabets sender id and works 24 hours. Transactional SMSes can be delivered on DND.

In promotional SMS service, users can send SMS to even unregistered mobile number for marketing purposes. It has predefine sender id by the operator and works 9AM to 9PM. Promotional SMSes are never delivered on DND Mobile numbers.